Photographic Essay

Photographic Essay of Floral Lakes

Sunrise over Lake Flora (photo by Paul Meuser)

Rainbow over Floral lakes (photo by Harold & Laurie Benton)

Wine at Sunset (photo Ursel Kerchner)

At The Hacienda with Mason & Rick
(photo by Bob Hamel)

The Shuttle Launch Over Lake Flora


Front Entrance to Floral Lakes  (The back entrance is closed at night)

Our streets are not named.  Our addresses are 2055 S. Floral Avenue and our Lot #

A Good example of one of our many types of homes


The Lakes
Lake Flora

Boca Cove

Little Boca Bay

Enjoying The Lakes

The Clubhouse And Mailboxes

The Pool (Behind the Clubhouse)

The Boat Launch (Behind the Clubhouse)

Tennis Courts ( 8 lighted Bartow Municipal Tennis Courts are located just outside the main entrance to Floral Lakes.  A men’s group meets three times a week on M-W-F at 8:00 A.M.   The women meet on the same days at 8:30 A.M.   A second group of women meet on T & R at 9:00.  There are also U.S.T.A. Teams that form out of these 


Inside The Clubhouse

Kaffee Klatch

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